Valentines Margarita

Sweet and Sour and the best way to drink tequila this Valentines day

Was originally going to name this cocktail Un Besos which translates to “A Kiss” in Spanish, but I didn’t figure most people would know what I was talking about, so I stuck with the Valentine’s margarita.  Which isn’t as cute for the holiday, but at least you know what you’re getting yourself into when you click the link.  Its your typical margarita, except of course, it’s pink!  The pink lemonade concentrate doubles as the sweet and sour in this recipe.  If it’s a little too syrupy for you, feel free to had half the amount of concentrate, and the other half water.  This cocktail tastes best when it’s ice cold so add a bit of chill to your drink by placing your glasses in the freezer prior to creation...

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Cupid’s Kiss

Cupid's Kiss Cocktail for Valentines Day

Quite possibly the simplest cocktail recipe you will find this Valentines day.  It’s fruity and tastes like party punch.  In fact, if you are good with numbers you can even make it into a punch for your party.  It’s fizzy, fruity and most importantly, pink!  There isn’t a whole lot more to say so instead of filling this space with paragraphs and paragraphs of my life and kids and how I managed to come up with such an amazingly easy Valentines day drink, I’m going to hop and skip straight to what you probably came here for in the first place:  The recipe!

Cupid’s Kiss

1oz Citron Vodka

1oz Pineapple Juice

1oz Pink Lemonade

1oz Sprite

Build drink directly in collins glass filled with ice.  Garnish with something Valentine’s Day-like and enjoy.

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Pink Starburst

This fun fruity cocktail tastes just like the candy!

Guess what holiday is rolling in right around the corner….yep you guessed it.  We all know.  The big Valentines day.  You either love it or you hate it.  Me?  I will admit it is an excuse for my husband to do something romantic for our relationship, but at the same time, why can’t we be romantic any time of the year?  Why does it only have to be valentines day?  And what about all of those strong single folks left standing awkwardly on the sidelines for this segregational holiday?  Why not make Valentines day an excuse to do something nice for yourself.  Go find yourself a fine bottle of vodka and spend the evening in your snuggie sipping fruity pink cocktails binging on netflix and most importantly: have no regrets!

The pink starburst is all pink and ready for this years ...

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Opal Caramel Apple Martini

Have you ever tried an Opal Apple?!

Opals were discovered in 1999 and then apparently tested for over 12 years in different orchards throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. The Opal apple is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz apple. Now they are grown exclusively in Broetje Orchards  located here, in Prescot Washington.

Back at my parents home in the suburbs of Chicago, we had a giant backyard with a bunch of apple trees growing.  We had two red apple trees and two golden delicious apple trees.  Every other year (cuz thats how fruit trees work, they produce crop every other year) my Dad and I would go out in the yard and fill basket upon basked up with apples.  We’d have mountains of apples...

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