Black Widow

Black widow cocktail for halloween

Alright!  I’ve finally done it!  Summer, I’m done with you.  I’m tired of the blistering heat, dehydrated lawn and sleepless nights.  Go away!  This girl is ready for cool breezes, orange yellow and red leaves, and pumpkin everything!  More pumpkin cocktail recipes are on their way in, but I figured I’d start the Halloween festivities off this year with something a little spookier.  Lets face it, there’s not too much spooky when it comes to pumpkin.  The big orange round things tend to dabble more in the delicious category.  I digress.  Black Widows.  They’re poisonous, they’re deadly, and this cocktail happens to be delicious...

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Coconut Cloud Smoothie

coconut cloud smoothie with real fruit packed with vitamins

One last summer smoothie recipe before I move onto the fall – time stuff.  I’m not ready to let go yet.  Doesn’t seem like mother nature is either because as I sit here and write this today, nearing the middle of September, my plants outside are crispy, the air is hot, and the predicted high for today remains 88 degrees.  In western Washington!  Unheard of.  That being said, the heat still isn’t going to stop me from going to grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte before work today.

Enjoy this delightfully healthy Coconut Smoothie.  Using silk Almond milk as a base, I’ve added a banana and a splash of lime juice for a boost of flavor.  The rum is entirely optional – just depends if you’re in the mood for drinking today or not...

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Summer Breeze

Lay yourself in the cool grass of your backyard (or park if you haven’t got a backyard – no shame if you don’t) lay those sunglasses on across your nose, breathe in deeply smelling all the wonderfully floral and alive smells of the season, and let that soft summer breeze wash over your bare skin like a warm embrace from mother earth.  That’s what this drink is.  A taste of the warm summer breeze.  Some that are soon turning to crisp fall ones but we’re going to hang onto the remainder of the summer.  There’s still plenty left to go around so don’t fret too much.

vodka, summer drinks, cranberry juice and sour mix

Summer Breeze

1.5oz Strawberry Vodka

3oz Cranberry Juice

1oz  Homemade Sour Mix

This drink is as easy to make as it is to enjoy.  Pour all ingredients into a rocks glass (filed with crushed ice)...

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Blueberry Lemon Martini

blueberry lemon, martini, blue, vodka, summer, martini

Blueberries should always be a part of your summer

Summer’s on it’s last legs, sadly.  If you just scoffed then you’re in denial.  It may be hot today, but the cool autumn breezes are on their way in.  Also worth mentioning is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Which goes on sale September 4th.  That’s when you know Summer is officially over and Autumn has begun.  We’re not quite there yet though so for these last couple weeks we have left of our beautifully warm sunny weather, enjoy this delightful blueberry martini – made constructed with real, fresh blueberries.

Blueberry Lemon Martini

1.5oz Vodka (blueberry vodka makes for a sweeter martini)

.5oz Blue Curacao

.75oz Fresh Sqeezed Lemon Juice

handful of fresh rinsed blueberries

Cut your fresh rinsed blueberries in half and toss into...

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