7 Ambrosial Apple Cocktails

Apples are the most widely cultivated fruit and the tree they grow on is actually part of the rose family of plants. Consuming apples helps lower heart disease as well as helps a great deal in weight control. There are hundreds of different types of available across the globe and are either consumed fresh or baked into apple pies, converted into juices, jellies, jams and many more mouth-watering products. The apple tree is believed to be the oldest cultivated trees in the world, however, its exact origin is not known. Some historians believe that apple trees were first planted and cultivated by the Romans, and that the fruit’s origin can be traced to South Western Asia. While on the other hand, some believe that apples originated in Kazakhstan in South Central Asia.

You know what they say right?  An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  Does that count in drink form too doctor?  Because I have a list here of seven absolutely delightful summer apple cocktails just waiting to be made and enjoyed…


Sweet Cinnamon Apples

To Start off this glorious list of apple cocktails is a shot called apple sauce.  Apple Cocktails are easy to make – and best of all they are usually pleasing to even the most picky of drinkers.  Applesauce is sweet and cinnamon-ee.  So watch out they go down quick and before you know it –  you’ll be a toasty little apple lover.

1 part Goldschlager or Fireball
1 part Sour Apple Pucker
1 Part Pineapple Juice

Pour all into a cocktail shaker, shake a bit, then strain into a double shot glass.


Candy Apple Cocktail

Eight Apple Cocktail Recipes: Candy Apple

 This cocktail is a delicious twist of cranberry juices and amaretto liqueur – and in fact has no apple in it at all!  It makes this article thought because not only does it looks like an apple – but it also shares the sweet and tangy flavors of a red apple.

1.5 oz Amaretto Liqueuer
3oz Cranberry Sierra Mist
3oz Cranberry Juice
A cherry for garnish.
Directions are easy and strait forward. Fill a rocks glass with ice and pour ingredients in.  Stir and garnish with a cherry or a few cranberries.

Washington Apple Martini

Can be served as a Shot, Martini and on the rocks.

 Washington Apple is one of those incredibly versatile cocktails.  It’s made with Crown Royal, sour apple pucker and cranberry juice.  Unfortunately – using the wrong kind of Canadian Whiskey changes the flavor of the cocktail to something quite unsavory – so Crown Royal is a non negotiable ingredient.  The most commonly ordered form of this drink is a shot – although it has been known to be ordered as a martini or on the rocks.

1oz Crown Royal
1oz Sour Apple Pucker
1oz Cranberry Juice
Pour into shaker fill with ice and shake away.  Strain into a martini glass garnished with a  washington apple slice.
Note:This recipe is designed for the Martini – if you’d like the shot, this recipe makes three of them.


Washington Apple Cider

Washington Apple Cider

 This cocktail is a twist off the original – Washington Apple Martini.  I simply replaced the sour apple pucker for apple cider.  This drink has the musky flavor of the crown royal, with hints of cinnamon from the cider, and the tartness of the cranberry juice.  Great for sipping.

1oz Crown Royal
1oz Cranberry Juice
1oz Apple Cider
Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake away.  Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with apple slices.
Note: Washington Apple Cider can be served warm too!


Not the usual recipe for your typical apple jack but a simpler one you can make at home probably right now!

This particular apple jack recipe is made with Jack Daniels and Apple pucker – slightly different from the apple flavored brandy recipe that has been around for ages.  Still an old school drink, this apple jack is simply called so because it contains Apple pucker, and Jack Daniel’s.

1.5oz Sour Apple Pucker
1oz Jack Daniels
Splash of Sour mix
Club Soda
Build over ice in an old fashioned glass adding the liqueur first and adding club soda last. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy.

Apple Lemon Drop

Apple Lemon Drop Shooter

Lemon Drop martini’s have been a popular and easy to make cocktail for over a decade now – and not until recently had I decided it needed a little bit of flair.I never thought adding sour apple could make it so delicious but it has – and I can’t stop drinking them!  They are only three easy ingredients that most people have in the pantry already.  Apple and Lemon combine together to make for a tangy and sweet spring shooter.

1 Part Citrus Vodka (or regular is fine too)
1 Part Sour Apple Schnapps
Splash of lemonade
This sweet shot also makes a great martini.  Simple pour ingredients into shaker and shake till shaker is frosty.  Strain into a shot glass and enjoy.


Granny Smith

A Twist on the Washington Apple Shooter

Prefer your apples to be green instead of red?  Then the Granny smith is the shot designed for you.  Made to taste like a juice granny smith apple this shot is smooth and delicious.  Made with Pineapple juice instead of cranberry – its sweet and juicy; just like a freshly picked granny smith apple.

1 part Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey
1 part Sour Apple Pucker
1 part Pineapple Juice
Pour your ingredients into that trusty shaker and shaker away till it’s frosty, per the norm 😉 Strain into a double shot glass and down the hatch it goes.

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