Sex in the Driveway

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Interesting name for a drink that’s just full of citrus-y stuff.  The original recipe calls for just peach schnapps and blue curaçao, but I prefer my driveway sex with a little vodka, so it hath been added.  If you’d prefer no vodka then by all means, exclude it.  But with a glass as tall as this one, I think it needs something a little more alcoholish than just the ‘liqueurs’.  Any way, sex in the driveway is rough and spontaneous, so try it some time.

Try it:

1oz Blue Curacao

1oz Peach Shcnapps

2oz vodka (preferably citrus)

Fill the rest up with Sprite

Pour ingrédients into an ice filled collins glass and stir that puppy.  Garnish with some sort of citrus fruit, or nothing, it’s up to you.  Enjoy.

Hove something to say…?

  1. could you give measurements for recipe if making a large group of people, so I wouldn’t have to make individual drinks

  2. If you’re drinking just peach schnapps & blue curacao it’s like drinking water. There’s really no alcohol content in them