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New Years Orange Fizz

Forget the Champagne! Lets Ring in 2014 by thinking differently

Forget the Champagne we’re going to ring in 2014 by thinking differently

Have I made any new years resolutions? NOPE.  Am I ashamed? Absolutely not.  I prefer to live my life lawlessly (to a certain extent) and being forced to come up with some crazy new rule to follow as I flow into the new year just makes me grumpy.  Drinking fizzy gin cocktails on the other hand…now thats the way to do it!  I was challenged by my boss at work to come up with a New Years special.  Challenged because, well, we don’t carry champagne.  So I said forget the champagne!  We’re going to ring in 2014 by thinking differently.  Away with the fizzy and in with the….well Sprite or soda water is just as fizzy if not more fizzy than champagne anyway...

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